Privacy Policy

Last Updated 5th September 2016

This privacy policy covers the privacy practices for the Clamour Application (the "App"), distributed via the Microsoft Store.

Please read this privacy policy to learn how your personal information is treated when using the App.

Using the App indicates your agreement to the following Privacy Policy.

I. Information Collected and Received

In the event of an unexpected crash, the App will collect information relevant to the crash, and transmit it to a HockeyApp account. This information will only be used to fix the relevant crashes, and is not shared with any other parties.

The following information is sent in the event of a crash:

  • Your Device Model
  • Your operating system version
  • A stack trace

None of the sent data can personally identify you.

All other interaction is passed directly to Discord, and the App does not collect any other information.

II. Disclosing your personal information

The App does not collect any personal information.

III. Location

Your precise geographic location is not collected or used.

IV. Changes to this policy

This policy may be changed at any time. Notice will be given via the App to the user upon this policy changing, allowing them to accept or reject it.

V. Additional Information

As the primary function of the app is to interact with Discord, it is advised to read their privacy policy, which can be found at